Registering With the Word

Having previously been unfamiliar with Father’s announcement to ‘Register with the Word’, I looked up some speeches and found the following quotes. I have also included other related quotes.  

From Father’s words, 2011:

“Emphasizing the importance of ‘registration’, “Those who pledge to register, raise your hands.” “With what do you register yourself? It is my text books and teaching materials.” “If you want to come to me, come after you had registered yourself as son, adopted son or even servant. Then I cannot help but deal with you.”

“Those who register themselves, come up to the position of ancestors.” “Since I liberated the God of Night and the God of Day, I also register myself.” “I had already made textbooks and teaching materials for registration.”

“I will register without any condition those who follow my textbooks and teaching materials.”

“Registration is a scary thing.”   

“Now then, I can do whatever I want, whether it is to go and kiss Mother, or to dance with her, or to create a ruckus. No matter how noisy we are, don’t even think about coming to watch us. Now that you are registered, all you need to do is live like that with your own wives. You are free to do as you wish and register yourselves as you wish, as long as you follow the words of the textbooks and teaching materials”.  

“How can humankind establish the world of peace? It can be possible only by following the law of God. Which is establishing the organization through blood relationships. Think that all Unification Church members and ambassadors for peace have their Korean surnames in the world. Then centring on Korea, God’s organization, that is, the organization through the blood relationship will be formed, which has its own order and tradition. This is the way to establish ‘One Family under God.’ Therefore, though we have a small group of participants here today, its providential value is nothing but significant”.  

In addition:  

“Even when I am not here, when you carry out Hoondokhae and become someone who can discover yourself in it, and hold on to it and not be able to live without it, then you can become my representative and my heir. Everything has been made ready, and not one thing is wanting”. (February 28, 2010)  

Personally, I see it as an ‘internal registration’, as many people have done things externally in the past with respect to any religion, including now the Family Federation and Sanctuary Church, (church itself now being an anachronism).

However, are they truly connected to Father for just externally following or complying. Obviously not, hence all the schisms. What did Father say:  

You are not in the Unification Church to follow Rev. Moon but to become better than Father and unify everything. That is the meaning of Tong Il. Unification”. Hoon Dok Hae March 2, 2003 Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, Virginia.  

Which of these groups is unifying anything, yet, that is what Father asked us to do. In fact, they are dividing everything. People can read Father’s words, yet if they are not internalising them and practising them, what meaning does that have.

I would encourage people to understand ‘Registering’ as taking responsibility for the Word, Keeping the Word, as Adam and Eve should have done.  

Had they kept the Word, then they would have been automatically registered into God’s Kingdom. That is more the understanding I would like to convey. Adam should have longed to keep God’s Word and build God’s Kingdom as a loving son:  

“We understand that the heavenly will cannot be accomplished by words alone; nor can it be accomplished only by devotion. We long to have minds and hearts that deeply resonate with Your will. We long to make frantic efforts for the sake of Heaven, forgetting everything else. We want to bow our heads with awe-stricken hearts that there is a moment and a place wherein we can sing glory to the Father with such longing hearts. Thus, Father, I pray that You will visit us in this hour, knowing how sincere our intentions are and how ardent our hearts”. ‘The Path In Search of the Original Homeland’. Rev Sun Myung Moon July 5, 1959. (‘Find the Moment of Happiness through Enlightenment’. May 27, 2019. Daily Inspiration)  

As we read Father’s words, God should visit us and illuminate our understanding and inspire us into action.  

At this time, this is also the way for Father to visit us having established the Hoon Dok Hwe tradition and devotion in his lifetime. Therefore Father will definitely come to us if we practise his tradition. Father will naturally be drawn to us for doing so. However, we must match Father’s sincerity for that to be so.  

Father can no longer speak to us physically, but he can speak to us in our spiritual mind, where he can ‘skype’ or ‘email’ us. If we set the right conditions through HDH, Father will come to us in some way, just as Jesus said:  

Jn 14:23 “Jesus answered him, “If a man loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him”. As in doing HDH.  

Then we can be registered.  

One final quote which importantly is connected to these points:  

“Once again, the universal law is if you are the person who offers service with respect and sacrifice then you are the central figure. In a way you have received so much from Father but you have not practiced it. This makes you like robbers or thieves. Do you clearly understand why the American Unification Church didn’t grow? (Yes.) The very reason that thousands of members left is because we failed to practice this principle.” November 23, 1994 at East Garden.  

That is the ‘principle of living for the sake of others’. That is how you become a true subject of love; true parent, true teacher, true owner. That is ‘The Three Great Subjects Thought’.

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