Home Church/New Tribal Messiah Meeting #37

We discuss the age after the coming of heaven, church visitation. We discuss the need for absolute sex education for our youth. We discussed about the upcoming Family and Community Strengthening Forum in Harpers Ferry WV, and the work that has been done to set up a clear system for anyone to teach abstinence-centered education at local schools and elsewhere.

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Tribal Messiah-Home Church Meeting #33

Richard reports about Home Church work and the ongoing Blessing preparation class. He also mentions about watching Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing on COVID 19 and the bio-weapon jabs. Leila reports about Jamal sharing the Divine Principle with a class mate. Richard shares about changes to the Peaceful Families workshop format and schedule.
We discussed about how the work of Blessing couples can best progress moving forward.

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Tribal Messiah-Home Church Meeting #31

September 19, 2022

Richard shared about working to have people sign up to study the Divine Principle in a secure environment.
Leila shared about a Blessed sister who met the Substantial Word group and came back to fellowship with other Blessed couples. We could reach out to other couples.
Jean shared how we have to make sure the relationship with our husband or wife is secure and good.
Richard shared about Father’s words about loving God and your spouse.

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Tribal Messiah-Home Church Meeting #30

September 3, 2022

Marius shared about the Coronation of God on January 13, 2001. Karen talked about heresies from Unification factions. Marius said this type of heresy started on January 13, 2001 at the Coronation of God. He indicates that this was the changing moment for the settlement. Many Unificationists are passing away now. Karen talked about her minister witnessing in Florida and Colorad.

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Tribal Messiah-Home Church Meeting #28

July 17, 2022

We talked about the importance of married couples communicating well, and discussed about what a marriage check in is.
Richard is looking for feedback on the new couple Blessing education materials that he has organized.
Helping the younger second generation to find their way was discussed.
Richard shared the Resolution for Abstinence and Character based education that he will introduce on July 30 at the National School Boards Leadership Conference

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Tribal Messiah Conference to be Held in Harpers Ferry WV and online

The New Tribal Messiah Association is sponsoring a Tribal Messiah Conference on March 21 and March 22, 2022 at the Peace Kingdom Center in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and online.
All Tribal Messiahs who uphold the Eight Sacred Texts deisgnated by True Father are welcome to attend.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss and work on standardizing Tribal Messiah practices, including:

Hoon Dok Hae with the eight sacred textbooks
Giving the Blessing
Blessed Family traditions and ceremonies
Home Church

Day 1, March 21, will discuss the above topics, and will be in-person and online, beginning at 11:30 a.m. eastern time.
here is no charge, but registration is require.
Register here.

Day 2, March 22, will be fellowshop and recreation for those attending in person.

Preceding the Tribal Messiah Conference, from March 18th to March 20th,  VisionRoot is also sponsoring a Success Formula workshop:
Peaceful Families; Peaceful World, available both in-person and online.

Day 1: March 18
Presenter and Parent abstinence-centered curriculum training
Day 2: March 19
Understanding God’s Ideal for the Family and the Role of True Parents
Unification Principle study
    The Unification Principle is the new expression of truth that God has given to answer all questions about life and the universe.  It was revealed through Reverend Sun Myung Moon.  
Day 3:  March 20
How can we work together to Strengthen Families and Stop Family Breakdown?
     Expert speakers share their knowledge:
Michael Marshall-Editor Emeritus-United Press International

April Gallart-UN Mission Coordinator, United Families International

Stephanie Mann-Founder, Safe Kids Now

Richard Urban-Co-founder, VisionRoot and Urban Lfe Training

Register and Find out more here.