Reflections on a Tribal Messiah Association

The Tribal Messiah’s Association is able to provide a forum for brothers and sisters to communicate, share their testimonies and ideas, gain solidarity and support, and build a community, for what is an ongoing process in terms of personal growth, our relationships, conducting the Marriage Blessing and building God’s Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Heaven was established on Foundation Day with the Perfection Level Marriage Blessing of brothers and sisters, which took place above the top of the Completion Stage in God’s Direct Dominion. Our responsibility is to now expand and develop the Kingdom.  

However, I would like to preface that this Association is not aligned to any particular faction or schism of the Unification Movement, but is instead, centred on ‘The Eight Great Sacred Texts’, that being Father’s unadulterated, unredacted and unedited words.  

The object of our faith is the Word, hence Father’s teachings that he bequeathed to us. Adam and Eve were to keep the Commandment, God’s Word in order to grow to perfection, not follow the archangel. The same applies to us.  

On this note I would also like to publish a number of letters I’ve written over the years since 2011 explaining why as a movement we have reached this point of division and crisis. In understanding this I believe we can then successfully move forward, being able to excise any misunderstandings or practices. In so doing we can establish the correct tradition for humanity to embrace.  

Without understanding and fully realising our internal purpose that is connected to God’s Sung Sang and Heart, we will at best only establish external structures and systems as Judaism and Christianity had done previously.

Remember, neither of these two faiths received their respective Messiah, as God had raised them up and had intended for them to do so.  

So they failed their internal responsibility to unite with their Messiah who was the embodiment of the Word just as Adam and Eve failed to unite with God’s Word.

Today we have the same responsibility, to unite internally with Father and only Father. This is accomplished by internalising the Word and practising it in substance. That is to love God, His Word and Commandments, and to love your neighbour as yourself.  

Father in fact stated that the First Commandment on earth is to love people as this quote explains:  

“If you are one with God you must love Cain. If you stand in a position of receiving God’s love, just as you love God with all your heart, soul and mind you must love your tribe, people and nation. This is the first commandment on earth. It is a commandment not of Heaven but of God’s Kingdom on earth. The commandment of God’s Kingdom in Heaven is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. However the first commandment of His Kingdom on Earth is to love our nation and race with all our soul, heart and mind…” Cheon Seong Gyeong P.717 RHS 3.5 (1970/8/29)  

Again this has nothing to do with following any particular person or group especially when they themselves are not connected to God’s Sung Sang and Heart, and even in Father’s case who was, he told us not to follow him but become the embodiment of the Word ourselves and even greater than Father by unifying everything. Unification can only occur when we live for the sake of others and offer service and respect to one another.  

As Father explained about Jesus washing his disciples feet:  

“The most sacred act Jesus performed was washing his disciples’ feet and saying that he did not come to be served but to serve. That was the supreme expression of love. By doing so he became the central figure around which twelve people joined. When people are linked in unity they cannot be separated”. Historical Children’s Day, 1981  

This is the fundamental problem and failure of the Unification Movement, it has not understood nor practised these truths substantially in respect to brothers and sisters and people in general.  We have thought somehow that because we were following the LSA, that was good enough, and we were ‘justified’, but we weren’t, as we still have to accomplish the human portion of responsibility re ‘Predestination’ in the Divine Principle.  

That is to create a world of true love in substance, not theory or words, but as a living reality. That is the real ‘portion of responsibility’ we have to accomplish.  So far we have not understood, nor accomplished that.  

As previously mentioned, I will shortly be posting a series of letters that I sent out beginning May 2011, that begins to explain where we went wrong, and therefore what we need to do to get back on track.

The first letter I wrote in this series is entitled ‘A Movement in Crisis’.

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