God can Only Accept a Divided Offering

I was thinking about the meaning of a bad crash I had while riding my bicycle recently (July 28th, 2019) I am healing well, thank God and thank you for your prayers. I was using the search feature of the Daily Inspiration and found this scripture:

God cannot take things that have been made dirty through Satan’s management. Satan’s elements of sin should not be there. God takes only after eliminating the elements of sin by striking them. Restoration history has been fraught with this sorrow of God’s.
For that reason, when we offer up a sacrifice, we must lift a sword and split it. Such a time will come to you too. Therefore, the last days will be a time of dividing. Having divided, wars will be waged. Korea is divided into north and south. More than six nations similar to Korea must emerge in the world. Things cannot move out of line with this principle.
Having understood these things, even if you offer up your lives to the Father, He cannot readily accept them. If He did, God would get caught in the Satan’s eternal false charges. Therefore, He takes only after striking. Only then will Satan not make false representations.
That was why Noah, whom God had chosen, was in such a position. Abraham, Moses and Jesus were also in such a position. It is the same case for us today. If there are people who wish to avoid that path, they are not the throng of people who may enter Heaven by the gate. They are like thieves or robbers who try to go over, not through, the main gate by climbing the fence.


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